Elephant, 2019

Exhibition View 展会图片

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About  展会资料

Elephant is a solo senior thesis exhibition by Yuanyuan Zhao. This show consists of photographs that are derived from poems, folktales, and myths. Populated by intimate family members, these photographs probe different aspects of East Asian identities. In many of her pieces, the subjects are Zhao’s family members and friends. Zhao notes that these subjects are not photographed to emphasize the relationship between the photographer and the photographed, but rather, use their own characters to develop and represent different social roles in their community. The show also features clashing details and combining different patterns. In doing so, Zhao juxtaposes the epic with the mundane world. Zhao explains that under the dramatic façade, which creates an immediate, externally perceived drama, these clashing details — or the elephant in Zhao’s world — aim to create an internal turbulence for viewers.

Time: April 1 - April 5, 2019

Location: Hurley Gallery, Lewis Arts Complex, 122 Alexander Street

Images  摄影作品

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